The Real Life of a You Tuber!

The Real Life of a You Tuber!


In today’s show we speak with Seán Treacy, a young Irish You Tuber and filmmaker who has a loyal following on You Tube under his alias “Stellar Sean” as he Vlogs about life as a teenager in Ireland.

He documents his journey into adulthood with lots of funny, irreverent, entertaining and many remarkably poignant and heartfelt videos touching upon issues that affect most teenagers – friendships, anxiety, dealing with social pressures and finding your place in the world….

Many would say he is a young man with wisdom way beyond his years with his powerfully positive outlook on how we all should live our lives; he talks about the importance of putting kindness at the heart of all you do and focusing on what you love and enjoy, irrespective of the ‘number’ of Likes or Follows you might get.

And remember to Stay Healthy, Stay Happy and Stay Well!

Michelle and her team have a collective 50years experience working with kids as teachers, entertainers and parents!


Seán Treacy

An apiring filmmaker since the age of seven, Seán Treacy began his journey towards this career when he set up his own You Tube channel at the age of 12 and began to film and vlog about his life.

This dream came true at the age of 12 as he was titled ‘Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year’ at his very first film festival in 2017.

Since then he has gone on to receive over 25 international selections and awards, has accumulated 2 million+ views on You Tube for his short films, documentaries and vlogs, and is now working with industry professionals to tell the stories that matter, in the most exciting and fresh way possible!

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Louise Shanagher

Louise Shanagher is a children’s therapist, mindfulness teacher and trainer. Louise has a BA & MSc in Psychology and further qualifications in Play Therapy and Mindfulness.
She is the creator of the “Creative Mindfulness Kids” method and has trained hundreds of people to be children’s mindfulness teachers.

She is the author of six books: The “Mindfully Me” series, Ireland’s first series of mindfulness books for children and the “Kindfully Me” series and the co-author of Ireland’s first mindfulness curriculum the “Mindful Heart” curriculum.

Louise is passionate about promoting positive mental health for children and young people. She believes that all children should get the opportunity to learn how to practice mindfulness and self-compassion and believes that these practices will help children lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.