Super Kids! Robert Mockler

Super Kids! Robert Mockler

In today’s show we start our brand new segment called ‘Super Kids!’ where we celebrate super kids doing super things with a fantastic secret surprise planned for them!   

Our very first Super Kid is 12year old Robert Mockler from Dublin, Ireland who has suffered with DLD, or Developmental Language Disorder since he was little.

A developmental language disorder is when a child hasn’t developed words and sentences in the way that we would expect. Some have difficulties learning and remembering new words, others might have difficulty making or understanding sentences  long sentences that other people say to them, and some might have difficulty telling and understanding stories. And many will take words literally, finding it difficult to read between the lines, that is, understand the hidden meaning behind words

A hidden disorder, experts say that approximately one in 14 kids suffer from some form of DLD.

Take a listen to see how we surprised Robert, who is a huge Avengers and Marvel Movie fan with an incredibly special Superhero surprise in his house!

And remember to Stay Healthy, Stay Happy and Stay Well!

Michelle and her team have a collective 50years experience working with kids as teachers, entertainers and parents!

Thanks to Big Bang Comics for the gifts, also Zapsplat, Audio Jingle and Alexander Korotkoff for the sound effects and music.

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Robert Mockler

Robert is 12years old from Citywest, Dublin Ireland and he has suffered with DLD since a young boy.

Over the last year or two, Robert and his Mum Brenda have become heavily involved in DLD Day, an Annual Global Awareness Day for Development Language Disorders.

Robert has been amazing stepping up to speak out about what it is like to live with DLD and has done lots of media and publicity to raise awareness among, parents, teachers and kids about this hidden disorder that affects as many as 1 in every 14 kids.

He is also a Co-Researcher on an Expert Panel in an important project being run by the University of Limerick as they help develop a checklist that could be used by teachers to help them identify if there are kids in their class with DLD and how to help them manage the classroom and their schoolwork easier.

Robert is a huge Avengers and Marvel Movie fan and his favourite super hero is Captain America!

Other DLD Resources

Check out RADLD.ORG, created to Raise Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder or ‘DLD’ you will learn more about DLD, access resources and find out how to raise awareness.


Further Resources from Aoife Gallagher PhD, Speech and Language Therapy, University of Limerick.



A link to a policy brief webpage – (very short and easy to read) about a study Aoife did asking children with DLD what they want for supports in school.