SOS! Save Our Seas from Plastic Pollution!

SOS! Save Our Seas from Plastic Pollution!


In today’s show we speak with an incredible 14year old girl, Flossie Donnelly who set up an environmental charity a number of years ago to fight against plastic in our seas called ‘Flossie and the Beach Cleaners.’

As the name suggests, she organises beach cleans where plastic and other polluting rubbish is collected. This is to try and make sure it doesn’t end up in the sea where it damages the marine environment and hurts or kills the marine animals that live there when they eat it or get trapped in it.

She talks to us about why it’s so important to look after the marine biosphere – which is another way to describe everything that grows and lives in or around our seas and beaches, as in order to have a healthy balanced environment, we need healthy and thriving seas.

And she explains how our seas are the worlds biggest carbon sink – which is basically a natural way our world absorbs carbon dioxide. And our world is getting warmer because we are producing too much carbon dioxide and other gases, that’s global warming, it’s more important than ever that we look after our seas so that they can continue to absorb this carbon dioxide and stop any extra going into the atmosphere.

Buster and Buddy couldn’t believe it when Flossie told us that our seas are a bigger and better carbon sink than all our rainforests! Wow!

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Flossie Donnelly


Flossie Donnelly is a secondary school student and an enthusiastic and engaged climate activist. Her passion is the sea and protecting the marine environment works to reduce the plastic pollution in our seas.

She has been dubbed ‘Ireland’s Greta Thunberg.

Her activism first began on a family trip to Thailand when she was eight years old. Whilst on holidays she was taken aback by the amount of plastic pollution she observed on the beaches she visited and when swimming in the sea. She spent a considerable amount of time on that trip collecting rubbish from the sea and bringing it back to the hotel where her family were staying. On her return to Ireland, she noticed more and more rubbish being washed up on local beaches and knew she had to share her passion around protecting marine life and to educate others about plastic pollution.

She set up her environmental charity ‘Flossie and the Beach Cleaners’ when she was 11years old, organising beach clean-ups in Dunlaoire and Sandycove near her home. However, recently she has expanded the charity and now has over 7 Flossie and the Beach Cleaner groups dotted around Ireland!

 Flossie regularly engages in climate strikes either outside her school or the Dáil.

She is the first person to have brought seabins into Ireland after raising €4,000 for the two binns herself. These devices can remove up to 83,000 plastic bags or 20,000 plastic bottles from the sea in one year!

Her work also expands internationally, having connected with villages and plastic charities in Indonesia to help them fight against their plastic pollution problem which is so bad, they suffer with plastic rivers.

She remains positive that if we work together we can alleviate many of our environmental challenges and problems.