Mind Your Head! with Sports Presenter Jacqui Hurley

Mind Your Head! with Sports Presenter Jacqui Hurley

In today’s show we have another of our Mind Your Head! shows where we speak with well-known personalities and people with amazing stories to tell about what they do to mind their heads; you know….Mind their Mental Health!

This time we chat with Irish sports broadcaster Jacqui Hurley who presents the sports bulletin on the daily RTÉ News as well as hosting Sunday Sport on RTÉ Radio ONE.

She talks to us about how her passion for sport started growing up as a young kid in Australia as her whole family were sports mad and all played lots of different sports in the great Australian weather!  But once back in Ireland in her teens, this love of sport continues and in particular she exceled in basketball and camogie….sports she still plays and competes in to this day as a Mum to two young kids!

She talks about how lucky she feels getting to watch and talk about sport as her job too, that she knows she is lucky to be ‘living the dream!’

We hear about her brilliant book ‘Girls Play Too’ which tells the story of X the many incredible sportswomen past and present that maybe we don’t know as much about as we should…and she tells us that she thinks it really important that young girls these days have these incredible role models to look up to and be inspired by – as she tells Buster and Buddy; “Fairy tales can start in your very own back garden if you have a dream and train hard enough!”

Michelle and her team have a collective 50years experience working with kids as teachers, entertainers and parents!

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Jacqui Hurley

Jacqui Hurley is one of Ireland’s leading sports broadcasters. She is the co-presenter of Sunday Sport on RTÉ Radio ONE and presents the sports news on RTÉ television Six One News each day. She is also a regular anchor on RTÉ’s soccer coverage on television.

She has played at the highest level in the sport of basketball as a member of the Irish basketball team and currently manages the Irish under-16 women’s basketball team. She also played to the highest level in camogie as a member of the Cork camogie team.

In 2009 she became the first ever female anchor of Sunday Sport and continues to break the mould releasing her first book ‘Girls Play Too’ in 2020, the first ever compendium of stories for children about our best contemporary sportswomen.

With a fairytale touch, it tells the stories of 25 of Ireland’s leading sportswomen who have proved that being a girl is not a barrier to sporting success and encourages kids to believe that you can achieve is you try your best and never give up on your dreams.