How to Be the Boss of the Worries!

How to Be the Boss of Your Worries!

In today’s show we speak with Dr Yvonne Quinn, a clinical psychologist who specialises in resilience and wellness and helps kids and adults be the boss of their worries.

We talk about how feeling worried or anxious sometimes is perfectly normal; that most people will have worries at different times of their lives. And how after all the massive changes that Coronavirus has had on life, it is understandable that many kids will have experienced some worries and perhaps some anxiety during this time.

Buster and Buddy learn about the science behind the feelings we get in our body when we have worries, and how kids can take charge of these worries with some great tips and tools…letting them get back into the Drivers Seat of their worries!

And remember to Stay Healthy, Stay Happy and Stay Well!

Michelle and her team have a collective 50years experience working with kids as teachers, entertainers and parents!


 Dr. Yvonne Quinn, Senior Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Yvonne Quinn is a Senior Clinical Psychologist who has worked for many years in HSE psychology services – both within child and adolescent mental health and primary care settings. Her interests include resilience & wellbeing, peri and post-natal mental health and supporting families to promote positive mental health across the lifespan. She also has significant experience in neurodevelopment assessment.

She has completed additional training in areas including autism and developmental assessments and psychotherapeutic approaches such as Cognitive Analytic Therapy and infant mental health. Outside of work, she enjoys fresh air, keeping fit and hanging out with her four young children.


If you feel you need some additional help, Dr Yvonne recommendS as a first step, that it is important for parents to think about whether or not the anxiety is impacting on their child’s functioning – that is, is it stopping the child from engaging in parts of life (friendships, hobbies, school), impacting on sleep, appetite, motivation and so on.

If parents are worried, she recommends that as a first step, they link in with their G.P.

If they require professional support, it is always best to source a clinician from a reputable site – such as the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) website. or the similar official site where you live.

She has recommended further listening with a series of podcasts from the Psychological Society of Ireland as well as some other additional helpful articles and books which can be found on our Resources page.


Louise Shanagher

Louise Shanagher is a children’s therapist, mindfulness teacher and trainer.

Louise has a BA and MSc in Psychology and further qualifications in Play Therapy and Mindfulness.
She is the creator of the “Creative Mindfulness Kids” method and has trained hundreds of people to be children’s mindfulness teachers.

She is the author of six books: The “Mindfully Me” series, Ireland’s first series of mindfulness books for children and the “Kindfully Me” series and the co-author of Ireland’s first mindfulness curriculum the “Mindful Heart” curriculum.

Louise is passionate about promoting positive mental health for children and young people. She believes that all children should get the opportunity to learn how to practice mindfulness and self-compassion and believes that these practices will help children lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.