How Talk makes our Worries Walk!

How Talk makes our Worries Walk!

In today’s show we talk with primary school teacher Áine Murray who has written a book called ‘The Pain in the Chest’ to help kids understand and manage their worries.

With a background in psychology, Áine believes it’s really important to understand that talking about your mental health doesn’t mean that something is wrong. Our mental health, how we feel in our head, changes all the time; sometimes it’s great and we feel really positive and then sometimes it’s more negative and we don’t feel so great.

But when we understand that it’s constantly changing, then when we do feel anxious or down, then we know that it won’t last forever and there are lots of things we can do to help ourselves. The girl who features in her book has lots of worries as she grows up, but at the end of the book she decides to talk to her Mom about her anxiety and then we learn that when we start to talk, our worries start to walk…and we can feel better!

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Áine Murray

Áine is a young Primary School Teacher and Children’s Book Author from Navan, Meath. She is currently teaching 4th class in Ashboune ETNS – and loves it!

As well as teaching, Áine has an Undergraduate Degree in Psychology. She is passionate about her teaching and has a particular interest in young mental health, which can be seen in her new picture book. It is called “The Pain the Chest” and it tackles the issue of anxiety through rhyme and beautiful illustrations. The book reaches all primary school ages from 4-12years, and is an excellent resource for teachers and parents to start the conversation about mental health with their young person.

It introduces the language of anxiety, allows for reflection on what anxiety might look like, and normalises talking about our feelings in a child friendly way. It is engaging, inclusive and most of all, important. 

Áine believes it is important to learn about your own Mental Health from a young age, and she really loved chatting to Buddy and Buster all about it!


The book can be bought online at, or

And you can follow the Instagram account @the_pain_in_the_chest for more updates!