How COVID helps us fight Climate Change!

How COVID helps us fight Climate Change!

In today’s show we speak with Climate Activist and one of the presenters of ‘The Covid Alarm Clock’ podcast, Ellen Hegarty about how we can use what we have learned during the Covid crisis to help us fight against climate change!

She chats with us about how while Coronavirus has been a difficult experience in lots of ways, there have also been loads really important lessons we have learned that will now help us in our attempts to combat climate change.

She explains to Buster and Buddy that global warming is like how when we get a temperature, we get sick and we don’t feel or behave like we normally do when we’re feeling well. And that global warming is like the world is sick and has a temperature, which like us, makes its’ climate change and behave differently too!

During the Covid crisis not only did we all realised just how important nature is to our health and well-being but we saw the true power of what working together on a world scale can achieve, proving that leaders and countries can indeed come together to fight against a common problem. Fantastic!

And while many of the changes we had to make during Coronavirus weren’t nice, we’ve seen how we’ve been able to make big changes in our lives when it is needed which gives great hope that we can make the changes needed to combat climate change!


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Ellen Hegarty

Ellen Hegarty is a veterinary surgeon, a mother of three and a climate ambassador with An Taisce. 

Originally from a farm in West Cork, she now lives with her family in Dublin. Ellen’s strong passion for the natural world and concern with how climate change and biodiversity loss will impact both it and future generations of humanity, has led her to pursue a Masters in Climate Change: Policy, Media and Society in DCU. 

Tá Gaeilge aici.

Ellen co-presents the podcast ‘The Covid Alarm Clock’ with Darragh Wynne as they chat about how we can use our experience of COVID as a wake up call to take real action on climate change.

The podcast can be found on or by searching for the Covid Alarm Clock wherever you get your podcasts 

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