Ep 20 Welcome to our Summer Project!

Today’s show is really exciting because we’re kicking off our Summer Project!

This summer we are looking into HOW we can help look after our planet…so join us as we discover, learn and have loads of fun along the way!

Buster and Buddy take part in the first week of the ‘I Don’t Believe It!’ Quiz where Michelle challenges their knowledge on all things nature and environment….AND for the very first time, we speak with one of our kid listeners as they also challenge Buster and Buddy in Part 2 of the ‘I Don’t Believe It!’ Quiz!

Over the summer, we will speak with vet and climate activist Ellen Hegarty who presents the climate change podcast ‘The Covid Alarm Clock’. She explains about what global warming is, and how exactly it makes climate change worse. She tells us how Covid has shown us ALL the amazing things we can do and achieve when we really work together..!!…and how this gives us amazing hope that we CAN work together and fight against climate change!

And later in the summer we’ll be chatting with an amazing teenager who Flossie Donnelly who has set up a charity to educate people on Plastic Pollution and the damage it is doing to our marine environment. Her charity, ‘Flossie and the Beach Cleaners’ not only talks about plastic pollution, but fights against it by organising beach cleans around the country to remove these harmful plastics from our beaches! She is one amazing teenager!


Michelle and her team have a collective 50years experience working with kids as teachers, entertainers and parents!

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Michelle Connolly 0:08

Hello, and welcome to The Kids Are All Right, a podcast specially for kids. That's all about health, happiness and wellness. I'm Michelle and today it's really exciting because we're kicking off our summer project. And this summer we're looking into how we can help look after our planet. So join us this summer as we discover, learn and have loads of fun along the way. And as usual, helping me on this summer project is of course you know them well, my co presenters, Buster and buddy.

Buddy 0:38

Hey,everyone, buddy again.

Buster 0:41

Hi Guys!

Michelle Connolly 0:41

So are we ready to get this summer project on the road?!

Buddy 0:44

Oh, yeah, let's go!

Michelle Connolly 0:49

So I don't know about you guys, but I don't think I've ever looked forward to summer as much as I have this year. You know, after everything that's happened. nice warm weather, long, Sunny evenings, barbecues, day trips, maybe even a little holiday. I can't wait!

Buddy 1:04

Yeah, Michelle. I just love summer. It's the best.

Buster 1:08

Yeah, well, yeah. No work, summer cups, ice cream in the park, it's gonna be brilliant!

Buddy 1:15

Yeah, trips to see my cousin's down in the country swimming in the sea, staying up late. Oh, yeah. And getting out of bed late!

Michelle Connolly 1:24

Exactly. And so that's why this summer, we're doing a cool summer project all about looking after our planet and the natural environment, as we get to go out and about in nature is the perfect time to think about what we can and should do to protect us.

Buddy 1:37

Yeah. Well, Michelle, that sounds like a great idea. So what are we going to be doing?

Michelle Connolly 1:41

Well you could say we're spending the summer on the beach. Well, I think everyone loves a day out in nature, whether that's on the beach in the countryside or going on forest walks. Yeah. But you know, our environment has been affected by our human behaviour. And this is causing climate change. Which if you guys remember when we chatted to Dr. Cara Augustanberg will mean lots more extreme weather. So all those nice days like nature could be badly affected. Not to mention those days spent on the beach

Buster 2:08

or like when our kite almost got blown away with that storm Buddy!

Buddy 2:12

Oh, yeah.

Michelle Connolly 2:12

Yeah. So we're going to be chatting with a brilliant climate activist to learn lots of things about what we can do to help our planet and fight against climate change.

Buddy 2:20

Well, yeah, that sounds cool.

Buster 2:22

Well, I can't wait to learn what I can do to fight against climate change. Hi Ya! Take that climate change!!

Michelle Connolly 2:30

But it's not just climate change. We're going to be fighting against this summer Buster. We're also going to be looking into the plastic pollution in our rivers and seas. And I think most of us probably have seen people who don't bring home everything that they brought to the beach.

Buddy 2:44

Oh, yeah. Like the rubbish from their picnics.

Unknown Speaker 2:46

Oh, yeah. I've seen that too. Like plastic wrappers and plastic bottles. Sometimes they even leave behind the bottles are so crazy.

Michelle Connolly 2:54

Yeah, I know. I've seen that too. And, you know, in our seas and rivers, we have a particular problem and it's plastic pollution. So we'll also be chatting with an amazing young girl who has set up an environmental charity to fight against plastic pollution in our seas and rivers.

Buddy 3:07

Wow, she sounds amazing. Michelle,

Michelle Connolly 3:09

Well she is Buddy. But you know, before all this, I want to challenge you guys to see what you already know about the environment.

Buddy 3:15

Oh, bring it on. Yeah.

Michelle Connolly 3:21

So I've made up some questions for both of you. You're going to ask each other the questions and you will have one minute to answer as many as you can. Here, Buster, here's yours and Buddy here's yours, too. Okay.

Buster 3:31

Oh, that sounds really hard. Michelle

Michelle Connolly 3:34

Don't worry Buster. It's called the 'I Don't Believe It' challenge. So the questions are true or false questions for this quiz. You need to answer either 'I Believe It' if you think it's true, or I Don't Believe It' if you think it's false.

Buster 3:47

That sounds better and much more fun!

Buddy 3:50

Challenge accepted Buster!

Michelle Connolly 3:51

Okay, guys cue jingle!

Right, who's gonna go first?

Buster 4:07

Oh Me, Me Me....youngest first. O

Buddy 4:09

Okay, then smartest second.!! Ha ha!

Michelle Connolly 4:12

Okay, guys, if you're ready, I'll set the clock. and off you go. Buster

Buddy 4:22

We have produced more plastic in the last 10 years than we have in the last 100 years.

Buster 4:27

I belive it!

Michelle Connolly 4:28


Buster 4:37

A shark has 500 bones.

Buddy 4:40

Oh, no, I don't believe that.

Michelle Connolly 4:42

Okay, buddy.

Buddy 4:43

Half the world species will be extinct within the next 100 years.

Buster 4:47

No, I don't believe it. Eh lobsterstalk by touching claws.

Buddy 4:54

I believe that! Cardboard can be recycled twice.

Buster 4:59

I believe it. Right, coral reefs only grow on warm oceans.

Buddy 5:04

Oh, I believe thatl Global temperatures have increased by one degree Celsius over the last 100 years.

Buster 5:13

I don't believe. There is more plastic than fish in the sea.

Buddy 5:17

I can't believe that. Fast food pizza boxes can go in your compost bin.

Buster 5:24

Oh, I believe it. I believe it.

Michelle Connolly 5:29

Okay, guys, well done. Well done. That was tricky enough. Okay, so let's go back through the questions. Okay. Well, you know, it's three to two. So would you like to know which questions you got Right?

Buster 5:44


Michelle Connolly 5:45

Okay, let's go through them one by one. Okay, so the first question Busters was we have produced more plastic in the last 10 years than we have and the last 100 years.

Buddy 5:54

Yeah, I believe that is true.

Michelle Connolly 5:56

Oh, yes. Sadly. Yeah. Okay, the next question from Buddy, then was the Arctic sea ice and glaciers are melting. And the answer to that, unfortunately, is true. Buster then asked a shark has 500 bones.

Buddy 6:13

Yeah, I don't believe that. Because I know for a fact, Michelle, that sharks have zero bones. Right? Yeah. Buster, sharks don't have bones, they have something called cartilage.

Michelle Connolly 6:21

Ah you're right there. You're right thereWell done. Buddy. The last half of the world species will be extinct within the next 100 years. And unfortunately, that is also true. Okay. Buster, you had an interesting question. Next, you asked, lobsters talk by touching claws?

Buddy 6:39

Well, there's no other way they can talk Michelle.

Michelle Connolly 6:41

No, well actually there is. Yeah. I don't know if you want to hear this or not. But they communicate by peeing on each other. They have have a pee duck up near their eyes.

Buster 6:56


Michelle Connolly 7:00

I don't think I'll ever forget that fact. Okay, buddy, then you said cardboard can be recycled twice. And that's actually false. Because it can in fact be recycled seven times.

Buster 7:13

Whoa, so cardboard can be recycled seven times. That's incredible, isn't it? Yeah. Buster so you then said coral reefs only grow in warm oceans?

Buddy 7:25

Well, yeah, I thought they would like warmer water. Michelle.

Michelle Connolly 7:28

Well, actually, there are coral reefs in the Arctic Ocean. So coral reefs can grow in cold oceans, too.

Buster 7:34


Michelle Connolly 7:34

but there will be by the year:

Buddy 8:07

That means if we go fishing, you'll end up catching a bottle of plastic water than a fish.

Michelle Connolly 8:12

I know. It's terrible. That's the reason why we're doing this show. And we're going to learn loads like that. Now, when we speak to our climate change activist.

Buster 8:19

Yeah, we are gonna become eco warriors!

Michelle Connolly 8:22

Okay, and the very last one was fast food pizza boxes can go in your compost bin.

Buddy 8:27

Oh, I know this one. This is an' I believe it' one because you know, my mom makes me shove the pizza boxes in the brown bin every Friday.

Michelle Connolly 8:36

Well, you're right, you are right. I actually didn't know that. So I think that's a great thing to remember. pizza boxes can go in your compost. Very, very good. Okay, so do you want to know the winner? So the winner with a score of three versus two is? Buddy!. So that's 1 point to Buddy.

Buster 8:59

No way Buddy won!

Buddy 9:01

Well, not quite yet.

Yeah, what you mean by 1 point to Buddy?

Michelle Connolly 9:06

Well, we've got a part two to this I Don't Believe It challenge. Yeah, it's really exciting. Because you know what, for the very first time ever, we have one of our kid listeners coming onto the show.

Buddy 9:18

What? Oh, that's brilliant. Oh, yeah. I can't believe we'll be chatting with a real live listener.

Michelle Connolly 9:25

I know. It's going to be brilliant, isn't it?

Buddy 9:27

So what are they going to be doing Michelle? So they'll come on to play a game with us. It's called two truths and one lie. Do you know what it is?

Oh, yeah. I love that game. Oh, yeah. So that's where someone says three things and two of them are true and one of them is a. Yeah. And you have to spot if you can guess which one is the lie.

Michelle Connolly 9:47

Exactly. And for this one guys? Well, because it's part of our I don't believe it challenge. When you make your guess at the end, you have to decide by saying either I believe it or I don't believe so. Are you ready?!


Yeah. Oh, you know, it's Yeah, I'm gonna win that. I don't believe it.

Michelle Connolly:

So today we're delighted to have Oliver age 10 years joining us. And he's in fourth class. He lives in Bettystown, County Meath. Oliver, you're really welcome to the show. Hello. How you doing?




Oliver. I'm so excited that you're coming onto the show today. Are you excited?


Yes, I am.

Michelle Connolly:

Brilliant. Very good. Very good. And tell us. So you're 10 years of age. Did I hear your birthday was quite recent.


Yes, it was.


I love birthdays! Did you do anything nice.


And yeah, I got a few things.

Michelle Connolly:

Okay, go on. Tell us


I got a few new books. I got a few new clothes and got a soccer ball under rugby ball.


I love rugby.

Michelle Connolly:

So listen, you are joining us today, Oliver because you think you can beat Buster and buddy at the two truths and one lie challenge. Is that right?


Yeah, I'd say so.

Michelle Connolly:

You think you can beat them? Yeah, I bet you I know what it's going to be Oliver. I'm ready. I think I think Oliver will be able to catch you out for sure.


Okay well we'll put that to the test. Michelle. See, we'll see.

Michelle Connolly:

Okay, so you've got three statements and what you're going to do is you're going to call them out one by one. You're going to go number one and you say your statements number two and number three. Okay, so Oliver, if you're ready, off you go.


Okay, number one when I was a baby, I lived in Saudi Arabia for a year. Okay, number two. I was born on May Day number three I play rugby under elevens for Dundalk. Okay, wow.

Michelle Connolly:

I think I'm gonna get Oliver to say them one more time while you guys are thinking because they're tricky. Okay, I'll just one more time. Give us a little reminder of those three.


Okay, number one when I was a baby, I lived in Saudi Arabia for a year a number two I was born on Mady. Number three. I play rugby under tens for Dundalk.

Michelle Connolly:

Okay, so two of those are true. And one is a lie. Buster and Buddy have got very perplexed looking faces here.


I'm ready. I'm ready. I know mine. Oh, I'm gonna go Number One. I don't believe it.

Michelle Connolly:

So Buddy doesn't believe that you lived in Saudi Arabia when you were a baby. Okay, buddy. What do you think?


Okay I'm gonna say that. Number two. I Don't Believe It.

Michelle Connolly:

. Okay, so number two.


I don't think he was born on May Day.

Michelle Connolly:

You don't think he was born on May Day? Okay. Hmm. Right. Oliver. Do you want to reveal which one was the lie?


Okay, the lie was I played rugby under elevens for Dundalk. I actually played for a Boyne!

Michelle Connolly:

Oh yeah, Neither of them got that. They were both wrong! And you won that one. And you know what, Oliver, because you've been such a great sport and because you beat Buster and bloody. We have got a brilliant, the kids are like gift pack, which we're going to send up to you in Bettystown to say congratulations. So does that sound okay for your hard work yet?


That sounds great.


Oh, I can't believe you're tricked us and with a rugby question!.


Hey, Oliver, Who's your favourite rugby player?


I'm gonna have to go with Tadhg Furlong.

Michelle Connolly:

Good choice. All right. Thanks so much for joining us today. And listen, enjoy the rest of your summer. I hope you have a great time. All right, Bye!


He was a great Boy. He was brilliant. Yeah, I love how he caught you out with the rugby question Buster.

Michelle Connolly:

Oh, he was brilliant. He was he caught you guys. I can tell you. So guys, that's it for today. We hope you enjoyed the show. And we're looking forward to joining us on our summer project.


And please subscribe to or follow our podcast on whatever platform you listen on. Yeah, just look for the kids are all right podcast. Oh, and don't forget. That's all


As in ALL

Michelle Connolly:

And kids, this is your podcasts. We'd love to hear from you. Just record your jokes or questions on the inbuilt voice recorder on an adult's mobile phone.


Yeah, and then Whats App them into us. It's easy. You'll find all the details on our website at www. The Kids Are All Right.ie As well as loads of info on everything we talked about in our shows.

Michelle Connolly:

And remember guys, try to be healthy.


Be well


and be happy.

Michelle Connolly:

See you next time on The Kids Are All Right Podcast.


Okay, kids. It's time Are you ready? It's time to Rock!!

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