The Happy Pear – Mind Your Head!

In today’s show we start a brand new segment to the show called ‘Mind Your Head!’ which is all about minding your head, as in looking after your head…you know, minding your Mental health!

And we talk to people who have done amazing things in their lives or have fantastic stories to tell about what they do and about what they do to feel well and happy!

Our very first Mental Health Ambassadors are The Happy Pear, otherwise known as twin brothers Dave and Steve who are well-known faces on TV and online for their absolute passion for vegetables and healthy living!

They talk to us about why vegetables are so good for us, how it’s the oxygen we breath when we’re out and about in nature that gives us energy, even more energy than the  food we eat….and how our Gut Health is absolutely crucial in our overall health and wellness!

Buster and Buddy learn so much about how to look after and mind their Gut Health and promise Dave and Steve that they will join them soon for one of their fabulous sunrise sea swims!

Michelle and her team have a collective 50years experience working with kids as teachers, entertainers and parents!

Thanks to Zapsplat, Audio Jingle and Alexander Korotkoff for the sound effects and music.

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Dave & Steve Flynn aka The Happy Pear

The Happy Pear started out back in 2004 with Steve, Dave, a tiny shop and a dream of helping people to eat more veg!

Fast forward 15 years, The Happy Pear now consists of 4 cafes, 40 products, 6 online courses, 4 cookbooks, a farm, a roastery, hundreds of amazing employees and a community of over 1 million people living healthier!

All that said, the mission is still the same, to help everyone to get healthier and be happier!

Founders of The Happy Pear, Dave & Steve are plant-based chefs with over 20 million views on their recipes on YouTube. They are bestselling authors with restaurants, shops and a wide range of vegan products on sale across Ireland.

They believe that our minds have so much power, they hold the key to achieving our goals. But to access this power we need to tap into what makes our minds tick and, in a sense, become its master. This is where a plant-powered, health-driven lifestyle comes to play.






So guys, today we are kicking off our brand new segment on the show called ‘Mind Your Head!’

Yeah, I’m so excited about this new part of the show! Me and Buddy spent all day yesterday getting our questions ready. But Michelle I don’t really understand the name, Mind Your Head like What? that sounds strange…like something is gonna drop on top of our heads….“HEY GUYS, MIND YOUR HEAD!!!”

Yeah, you’re right Buster, it sounds funny alright. However, in this case Mind Your Head actually means minding your head, as in looking after your head, you know minding your mental health.

Oh right, so Mind Your Head, like everything we’ve been learning about making sure to look after how we feel, our emotions and all that, yeah?

Yeah THAT’s why we were writing the questions yesterday all about Health, Happiness and Wellness Buster! Things to help….Mind your head.

Yes, exactly, that’s it Buddy. So what we will be doing is devoting a whole show to speak with people who have brilliant stories to tell or have done amazing things in their life and they will tell us all about what they do to feel well and happy! Sound good?

This is gonna be great!




Great and that’s why we are so pleased with our first Mind Your Head show, because you know what, guys? Not only do we have one special guest, we have two. They are twin brothers that many of you will know from TV where they show us how to cook amazing vegetable based meals. They talk about living healthy and happy, and they just have bundles and bundles of good, positive energy. And I never thought I’d say this, but they may even have more energy than you, Buster.


What? No way.


They are the happy pair otherwise known as Dave and Steve. Guys, you’re so welcome. We’re thrilled to have you on the show. And the lads have so many questions for you.


Well, I’m really excited. Hi, guys.

Steve, stop doing a handstand. Come on over here.

OK, ok. OK!.

Oh Buster, Come on. Don’t try to copy Steve doing a handstand!

Hey hey, I can do it better!!

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Michelle, you just said that these guys have more energy than Buster. Well, I have to say I don’t believe that for one second because one time Buster stayed in the trampoline park for five hours. So, Dave and Steve, what’s the most energetic thing that you guys have ever done?

Sheesh. We we’ve run marathons, if that’s any good. We’ve run lots of marathons. We can hold a handstand for three minutes.

Oh, three minutes.!! Now I have to say, Buster, I think we have a new record.

Oh I don’t know, I think we need to do a challenge off of energy!

Oh lads I think I do think we’ve got a winner here for sure!. Listen, it’s time to calm down. It’s time to calm down so you can start asking Dave and Steve some of our real questions. So, OK, guys, Buster & Buddy, if you have your question cards at the ready, you can take it away.

Yes. OK, guys, we put loads of questions together about how you guys Mind Your Head.


Yeah. You guys mind your head loads of different ways, with your food, with your exercise and all the mindfulness stuff you do.


So one of the main things that people know you guys for is vegetables. You sell them in your vegetable shop, you grow them, you cook them in your cafes, you come up with some yummy vegetable meals and are actual real life TV chefs showing us how to cook these meals. And you just have loads of cookbooks with veggie recipes. So why do you guys love vegetables so much?

We love vegetables great question. We love the question, really really love the question! So we’ve always loved vegetables. But they’re so important for giving you loads of energy, for making you feel good, making you sleep good, for making your body strong.

Yeah. That’s so important in so many ways. And inside our stomach we have like another pet that if we feed it well, it’ll help keep us strong. So it’s really important to eat our vegetables for that reason.

It is. It’s like a pet in your tummy and your pet loves vegetables. And the more vegetables you give it, the healthier that pet will make you feel. And it makes you have loads of energy and makes you really smart. It’ll make your immune system strong. It’s it’s so important.


Oh, yeah, that’s cool. That’s really funny idea that I have a pet in my stomach that I have to feed the right food to keep alive and well.


Yeah I suppose it is Buster, but the idea of a pet in your tummy, it’s….we’re really talking about Gut Health….it’s really interesting but our gut isn’t just our stomach, it goes all the way from your throat, into your stomach and all the way through and out the other side! So it’s really a huge part of our body isn’t it?

Yes, it’s sixteen metres long and it’s as Stephen said, it’s like a pet that lives in your gut. And when you feed that really healthy food, when you sleep well, when you exercise, when you spend time in nature, that pet just flourishes. And therefore it makes you feel really healthy, really strong. It makes you feel calm. I mean, you can focus.

And some of you may have heard that the term your immune system and that’s kind of like your army that protects you and keeps you strong and healthy.

And the more vegetables you eat, the more beneficial it is for this pet inside you, which is kind of the home of most of your army. But it could be like vegetable soup, it could be having porridge for breakfast. It could be eating fruit on your little break. It could be having like a nice sandwich with some hummus and other things in it.

…so you might have heard this word before. Fibre. Fibre is so important for your pet and your immune system and all your health and you only get fibre in fruits and vegetables and whole grains and beans. You know, you’ve probably heard that expression beans, beans …the more you eat, the more you.


Well, beans are so healthy for you, all that stuff is so healthy for your pet.


So I think for anyone listening who kind of wants to be healthier and stay strong and, you know, have a strong immune system, that’s kind of five basic things you can do to have a healthy gut, just healthy at large. Number one, try to eat more fruit and vegetables. Number two, try to exercise. So at playtime get out into the yard, run around, do gymnastics, do tennis, do whatever sports you can do because it’s so important….

Handstands…Or five hours on the trampoline like Buster!

Ha ha!

Exactly. So that’s number two. Number three is your sleep. But sleep is so important for all those aspects, particularly that pet in your tummy. Number four, spend time in different environments if you can so nature, nature so important.

Like if you can get to the park, if you can get to the beach, you can go on walks. Nature is so important.

I love to go for walks.


Yeah. If you’ve got a pet, if you actually do have a dog, dogs are great walking coaches. And if you don’t have a dog, maybe borrow a neighbour’s dog. We call in our neighbours, we call into our neighbours and we borrow their dog and bring it for a walk quite often.

Oh, really?

Yeah, we do genuinely, Bailey.

Oh, so that saves them one day of having to walk the dog.

Yeah. And my my kids are delighted with it.

But can I ask you I suppose because all this about looking after our gut and it is a new concept, it is quite new. You know, you guys are so fit and healthy anyway in terms of what you eat and the exercise and everything you do. So when you started, I suppose, focusing more on your gut health, did you did you actually even notice a difference in terms of feeling better again?

Definitely. It’s like a car. It’s like a car. If you give a car a really good fuel, the car performs really well. It goes well, it never breaks down. It’ll always start. And it’s a bit like that with your gut and your food. You have to think of yourself like you’ve got this body and if you feed it really healthy food, it doesn’t always have to be healthy food, but if you feed it, feed lots of fruit and veg, it really does perform really well. And that means you’re going to be healthy, strong and it’s easier to focus in school. You’re kind of better at sports. You don’t get sick. Your defense or your your immune system, your army is there to protect you.

Yeah, really. It’s like I can’t think of the last time we were sick. Like, I really I can’t even remember Stephen being sick really ever. Really.

Wow. So I really like that analogy, you guys have of the car and fueling it with the right kind of fuel. So what kind of foods would be good for my gut, as you guys say.

So say for breakfast, if you can have porridge, if you can have, you know, Weetabix are quite good. If you can have those type of things for breakfast. For your lunch, if you can have like carrot sticks and hummus in it and maybe have brown bread. My kids like brown bread and jam sandwiches that they love and then generally they also get cucumber. And Ned wanted, what did Ned want…Ned’s four and he wanted cucumber and Galia melon.  And Thea wanted cucumber and Blood orange.

And I don’t know if you, have you ever heard of tahini?

So isn’t that…. Oh no wait. That’s Tahiti. That’s a big foreign country somewhere else!!

Tahini is, it’s like peanut butter. But instead of being you know the way nuts, my kids aren’t allowed nuts in their school, so tahini is like peanut butter, but it’s made of seeds. So it’s made of sesame seeds and it tastes kind of like peanut butter. So I give them a little tub of that with some maple syrup and I mix that up. And then they dip that in it. They’ve carrot sticks and hummus. They get crackers.

And then sometimes today they have chocolate rice cake. There’s loads of different things you can do, but it’s really trying to eat lots of fruit and veg. They love mango, they like pear.

And it’s to try to get as much variety as you can. So it’s not just about like I think many people get caught up with labels like vegetarian and vegan. It’s not about that. It’s much more about just trying to eat more fruit and vegetables and that’ll keep you stronger.

And if you can focus on getting a variety. So it’s not just I only eat apples and bananas and carrots. We work with a doctor and he’s he’s a gastroenterologist. So he’s a doctor of your gut, he’s a doctor of that pet in your tummy, and he says the most important thing is to get 30 different types of fruit and veg in a week, and that means beans and whole grains as well. So if you can count, if you can put a sheet in the fridge and every time you eat a different fruit or vegetable or bean or whole grain, write it on that list and see if he can get 30 in a week.

Because if you get 30, your pet will be so healthy.

And I think this is a great project and activity just to learn about the diversity. Diversity is a fancy word, meaning the different types of, in this case, fruit and veg you’re going to eat in a week. So it could be some peanut butter for lunch. I put a bit of that on it. A bit of brown bread. That’s another one. I had a banana.

I had hummus. I had, you know, all these things. They all count because they’re all really healthy, high fibre foods.

Oh, yeah. That sounds like a great challenge. But if those were the foods that are good for us, what are the foods that are bad for us?

Oh, good question.

A great question. So the foods that are bad for our gut are the ones like. I know everyone loves sweets and chocolate bars like we all love them. They’re so tasty, but they’re not the healthiest for your pet..

We call them processed foods. So it’s when you’re in the house, if you can try to eat things that aren’t in a packet. So you know the way bananas and apples aren’t in a packet. but try to choose things that are less than a packet because they’re going to be the healthy.

And then the other one, remember, we mentioned that word fibre, is a fibre so important it kind of helps you do number twos. It helps you go to the toilet and also not to be constipated or blocked up. So fibre is so important. And as I mentioned, you only get fibre and fruit and vegetables and beans, legumes, not seeds and whole grains. You don’t get any fibre in meat. So it’s not to say don’t eat meat, but just try to eat more of the fruit and vegetables. I think that’s important…. that’s because they’re the healthier ones.


So me and Buster love our sports. I mean, he loves his hockey and I just really love playing rugby. So if I could ask my mom what kind of things should I ask you to put in my lunchbox you know, that will give me loads of energy for my sports.

Brilliant question. I think so. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the word of carbohydrate. These are one of our main fuel source that’s kind of just give us this energy. So if you can get instead of just getting normal bread, if you can get brown bread, it has more fibre and it’ll slow down the release of that energy. So instead of being really good at the start of the rugby match and really bad at the end, this will help release the energy more regularly, like a kind of battery.

So then so then you will be able to spend five hours on the trampoline like Buster!!

But it’s trying to have Brown things. It’s trying to have like I put crackers in my daughter’s lunchbox this morning and they were brown crackers. It was like Ryvita and they have loads energy them. So does fruit. Fruit is packed with energy. So if you’re going to have rice, have brown rice, if you’re going to have pasta, try to use brown wholemeal pasta.

Okay, so the brown foods have more fibre in them, which helps keep our digestive system working properly AND will give Buddy loads more energy for his rugby…


And just like Buster, Buster has got so much energy. Sometimes I look at him and I wonder what on earth is he eating that keeps him full of so much energy that the first thing in the morning till way late in the evening, he just never stops. Oh, I get tired looking at you sometimes, Buster.

Yeah, I’m full of beans. You geddit Buddy!


Sorry guys. He’s doing his dad jokes again. But actually both of you guys have so much energy. It’s incredible. But can I ask, were you always like this even as kids?

We always had lots of energy.

But then when we started eating more healthier foods, we got even more energy.

So like, I think the food you eat really has an impact on your energy levels and how you feel and how alert you can be at school and how good you can play a rugby

So, Buddy, when you’re playing your rugby matches or your hockey matches, like if you can eat, like, more healthier foods, you’ll be even stronger and have even more energy like Buster!

Buster, you’ve got competition!! But, you know, it’s amazing because, you know, we all have different things that we love to do for our exercise. So like you say, Buddy loves his rugby, Buster loves his hockey, and I love running. But you guys have something that’s a little bit different. You start your day a very special way. So maybe the kids mightn’t know about this. Maybe you can tell them what you do, to start your mornings.

And if anyone wants to join us when Covid all passes, like we swim every morning in the Irish Sea at sunrise. So we go down to the beach at sunrise.

And sunrise the wonderful thing about this is sunrise changes every single day. So at the moment today, sunrise was at six forty eight in the morning. So in the middle of June, so around June 21st, which we call the solstice, which means the longest day of the year, sunrise around then is 4.50 in the morning.

So it’s like the 5:00 a.m.

And then and then in winter on the winter solstice and the 21st of December, sunrise is 8.40. So it’s nearly like it’s at the time that school starts. And we and we go down every morning to the beach, whether it’s snowing or raining or it’s a beautiful day and there’s a whole bunch of us. We bring tea, we bring snacks and we all swim in the cold Irish Sea. And it’s amazing and there’s something lovely about getting in.

Like no matter how much you do it, every day you come down, you’re like, oh, it’s cold. I get in. But then as soon as you get in and you hit that cold water, you just feel so alive and awake and you come out like a dog wagging your tail going Oh, beautiful day.

. And come on down and join us, we have had we have had schools come join us. Schools have come join us before.

So do you find it hard to go when it’s wintertime? Do you find it hard to pull yourself out of bed when it’s it’s it’s so dark and miserable. I mean, or is it just your body clock is kind of ready for it and used to it.

Definitely the more you can make something a habit, the more your body just does it. And often when I’m walking down and it’s freezing cold, I’m going, am I crazy?

Why am I doing this? I’m like a madman walking down in my shorts. And then as soon as I get in that cold water and I come out, it’s just like, oh my God, it’s a beautiful day. I’m so happy. I am so glad I did it.


That’s amazing.


So Buster, you were saying you have so much energy. Do you know do you know the number one place that you get energy from?

Eh, My legs?!

No, well usually when we ask that question, a lot of people think it’s food. They think energy comes from food. But actually your number one place that you get energy from is oxygen. It’s oxygen. We all get oxygen. But when you move, you get even more oxygen. When you exercise, you get even more oxygen. So you get even more energy. And that’s why if you spend the day sitting around, you’ll probably be tired and a bit lethargic.

But if you like, when you spend five hours on that trampoline, you are probably so awake and alert when you were doing this and maybe you were tired later in the evening, but it gives you so much energy.

Oh, yeah, yeah. That sounds deadly.



Yeah, he definitely gets more energy the more exercise he does!

So eh you guys speak a lot on your podcast about how important it is for kids to get ALL this information about how brilliant exercise is for them, about healthy food….their gut health and fresh air and nature and all that when they are young, so that really they understand how to live healthy….. and it just becomes really normal.

So do you do you feel that Healthy Living should be an actual subject in school, the same as say, maths or English?


So I think that’s an amazing idea. I think that’s so important cos I think habits are so important…we all become the habits…the product of our habits.

A few years ago, we went in and met the Minister for Health and the Minister for Education and we tried to get a curriculum as in a subject going in my daughter’s local school. And me and Dave ended up getting too busy so it didn’t happen. But I remember sitting down with the Principal and we started talking and I said the word fibre and she suddenly lit up and she was really interested.

And she said to me then she said she’d been principal for, I think, 30 years. And she said, it’s only in the last five years, every single week, three to four kids go home due to constipation. And this used to never happen. And she said she puts this directly down to how people have changed their diet. They’re not eating enough fibre. And as a result, often children are struggling with constipation.

And we’re all so busy now it’s so much easier to grab something out of a bag instead of eating proper real food. But the proper real food is the thing that could give you energy. Like Buster, it’ll have Buddy playing better at rugby. You’ll have a strong immune system, an army ready to defend.!!

And for kids maybe who might not understand the word constipation, I mean, that’s kind of really when you feel really bloated and sore and pains in your tummy…


And you can’t do a number two!!

Yeah exactly, you can’t do a number two, which sounds funny, but it’s not, because then it’s all those pains and that horrible feeling in your tummy. So it’s actually quite serious. And the fact that the principal was saying that she has so many kids going home every week with this, I mean, that’s quite serious.

Yeah. I think another way of thinking. Say there’s a road that you drive every day or you get a lift and every day on your way to school and suddenly there’s a traffic jam. So it’s a bit like there’s a traffic jam in your digestive track and nothings moving and it’s all stuck and everyone’s beeping their horn and angry…

My poo is like an angry driver, I’m going to remember that! Ha !

Eh lads, lads, we have this question that we’re going to ask all the people we get in and then Mind Your Head shows as our special guest, because we want to know, because it really helps when you’re a kid to hear the adults and people who are doing great things in their lives as grownups also had problems or worries when they were a kid. So what we want to know is, what are you worried about when you guys were kids and how did you become the boss of that worry?

Brilliant. I used to worry, could I be as good as Steve at things, because we were twins and we were always compared. We were always which one’s better, which ones faster, which ones are stronger, which one can eat more vegetables? So we were always compared. So both of us, I think, used to worry are can we be as good as the other one?


I remember one time we got to we were we used to play a lot of tennis and we both got the final and we had to play each other. And I remember before the match, I think we were 11. We both were crying so much because neither of us wanted to win. Neither of us wants to lose, but neither of us wanted to beat our twin


So that’s like me and Buddy, because what he is older than me and I’m constantly trying to beat him, but I kind of don’t want him to lose either.

Yes, I was exactly like that. So that was it was it with us twins. But I think for anyone listening, I’d say to like, follow your dreams. Lots of people through life will tell you you shouldn’t do that stupid. But if you have an idea that you love and you feel really excited to to go on the journey with it, try to get people around you that will support you. Like when we started our business, the happy Pear, a lot of first a lot of people thought we are crazy and we’re silly.

And when we were starting a vegetable shop, that’s mad! and we used to drive a van while you’re driving a van lads!

But we were following our dream and out of that we ended up becoming on the telly and cooking on the telly and writing cookbooks and traveling all over the place and doing amazing things. And it all came from our little dream of trying to trying to help other people eat more fruit and veg. So I think your dreams are so important. So really nurture them and mind them and feed them.

Ah guys Thanks so much. That was brilliant.


You know what? You’ve inspired me so much. I’m definitely going to come and do what of was morning swim with you guys someday soon?.

I think everybody listening and the kids will really if they didn’t have energy before this, they definitely would have had it after. And we’ve learned so much about being vegetarian and plant based foods that by sports and exercise and health and our gut health, our little pet that’s in our stomach, I think it’s it’s just been brilliant. And I’m full of ideas about it.

Oh ah, I’m just ten seconds …holding my handstand…Oh I’m definitely going to beat your record someday Steve!!

Thanks, guys, thanks, Buddy. Thanks, Buster. Thanks, Michelle.



I really enjoyed talking with David and Steve there. I cannot believe I’ve met not just one, but two people who have as much energy as you, Buster!

Yeah, I can tell you that Steve can actually hold a handstand for three minutes!

Yeah, well, maybe I can do that challenge if I studied it way more veg like them. And I can’t believe you get even more energy from being out and about and getting oxygen into our bodies. Yeah.

They said that oxygen gives us more energy than food.

And I’ve never heard of a plant-based diet before, but I’m definitely going to try it, eating tons more fruits, vegetables and beans. Yeah, I remember they said that we need to think about our stomach as our very own little pet …aaawh! Which needs us to feed it the right kinds of foods for it to live and be. And the guys said to help me get stronger in my rugby, that I should eat more fiber. That’s like, you know, the brown foods.

So instead of white bread.

Brown bread!

Instead of White rice

Brown rice!

And instead of a white wrap

Brown wrap!

And instead of white crackers

Brown crackers! Yeah. Oh yeah, I’ve got one, too. Instead of white Weetabix, brown Weetabix. Yeah!

Eh Buster, Weetabix are already brown.

Oh yeah! And they said all that stuff about gut health. Wow. I can’t believe there’s so much happening down there in our stomachs AND that I need to think of my digestive system as a car, that if I don’t put the right fuel in, it won’t work, or my I get stuck in a traffic jam.

I can’t believe. It even affects my immune system, which is my army of soldiers ready to fight off sickness. The stronger my body’s, the stronger my army.

Yeah. Oh, I’d love to try sea swimming more like they do. Oh. But maybe not in the winter though. But you know, they really do show how exercise is connected to your mental health. Feeling well, being happy in your head.

 Oh, and I just think they were amazing mental health ambassadors for us today.

Yeah, buddy. Dave and Steve must be the healthiest twins in the whole wide world!



You know, it’s been great today, thanks to all the kids who sent in their audio clips.

And, you know, if you have something you want to tell us, we want to hear a story, a question or your favourite joke, we’d love to hear from you.

All you have to do is recorded in the voice recorder app on a parent’s smartphone and then email it into us.

The email is in our show notes. Yeah.

Make sure to check out our website for more details about sending in your clips and you’ll find loads of more info about the show and everything and everyone we talk to.

We really hope you enjoyed this week’s show and learned loads. If so, then tell all your friends.

Yes indeed. And remember guys, try to be healthy.

Be well.

And be happy !

See you next time on The Kids Are All Right!

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