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Meet the Team!

Collectively the team behind The Kids Are All Right! podcast has over 50 years’ experience working with kids!


Michelle Connolly Reaper

Over two decades ago now (how time flies!), Michelle started out as a kids’ dance teacher and soon set up PartyKidz Productions, an agency producing kids shows and entertainment for kids’ events.

Simultaneously over that period she used her production talents in Radio and TV as a Producer and Production Manager on a huge variety of shows on RTÉ Radio 1, Virgin Media ONE, TG4 and RTÉ TV.

She is passionate about working with kids and believes every child has the right to be heard and to be supported. Having seen how Covid 19 has challenged many kids’ sense of well-being and understanding the normal challenges that kids encounter growing up, she has embarked on The Kids Are All Right! podcast to give kids a space where they can be heard and helped to deal with whatever may be impacting on their Happiness and Well-Being.

Also a Mum of 2 girls she believes that while parents have a big role to play, that “it’s also really important to help kids to help themselves, as then they have the tools and techniques to bring with them into adult life as they navigate the normal bumps in the road they will undoubtedly come across.”

Roy Grimson aka ‘Buddy’

Having graduated from DIT with a 1st Class Honour in Drama & Performance with distinctions in Radio Drama & Voice Acting in particular, Roy has been a professional actor since 2014.

One of the stars of the Helix 2019 Panto’s Production of “The Three Musketeers”, he features in the Tayto Muchos Advert & has stared in various short films & stage productions over the years. A Drama Teacher for 8 years, he has trained students from the ages of 7 – 18 and has worked with various schools on their school productions as a Director.

Roy is also a fully qualified Life & Business Coach with the Irish Life Coach Institute as well as QQI accreditation. With specialised training in Parent, Addiction & Relationship coaching he works with his clients with the ultimate goal of helping to improve their self-esteem, goal setting abilities & belief in themselves to become better versions of themselves and create a life worthy of their true potential.

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Claire Dunn aka ‘Buster’

Graduating from Trinity College Dublin in Drama and Music, Claire has always combined her love of performance with her passion for working with kids, having also trained up to Fetac Level 5 and worked in childcare for many years.

She spent 3 years as the Entertainments Manager in Trabolgan Holiday Village as well as a season as Entertainments Manager in Tregoad Holiday Park in Cornwall, UK where she devised the entertainment schedules, produced their summer shows and performed daily on stage.

A professional performer with theatre credits in many disciplines including acting, voice over, puppetry, character acting and musical theatre she toured Ireland with the Down to Earth Company performing kids’ theatre in schools across the country. Also a Mum of 3 young, energetic kids, she continues performing and producing shows with PartyKidz Productions.


Hey! My name is Buddy and I’m one of the co-stars…or is it co-host? …no wait, it’s both !…on The Kids Are All Right! Podcast. Me and Buster are neighbours and have known each other…well, like…forever!

Some fun facts about me are I’m a HUGE fan of the Avengers and all the Marvel films. I love watching rugby and football games, but rugby’s my fav game, I even once got to lead the Leinster Team out into Donnybrook their home stadium! I love reading, drawing and getting to play my Playstation- but Michelle says that I have to make sure I share with Buster…but I don’t mind, he’s a cool friend…no, actually, he’s my best friend!

And that is why I’m so happy I’m getting to do this podcast with him. We love chatting to all our guests and learning so much from them about living a happy and healthy life…well, sure how else would you like to live your life!

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Hey Guys, I’m Buster and I love having Buddy just right next door – it’s great to have a friend so close by. He’s been a super friend to me over the years, and helped me out at school when some kids were picking on me…and basically we’ve been best buds ever since!

I love sports too, but my favs are hockey and tennis. I love music and I have been writing my own songs now for a few years and I think I’m getting a little better the more I practice.

My biggest dream is to someday have David Walliams on our show…he writes my favourite books, he’s so funny! I’d love to be a great writer like him some day too.

I hope we have loads and loads of kids (and their parents!) tuning in around the world every week to listen to our podcast to talk about all those things that impact on our Health, Happiness and Wellness…Because life isn’t always simple and definitely ALL of us can do with a little help now and again when it comes to living well and living happy!

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