The Kids Are All Right!

is the Health, Happiness and Wellness podcast for Kids!

Michelle and her comical puppet sidekicks, Buster & Buddy are on a mission to help kids
Feel Great and Live Well!
Each week they feature a different topic speaking with experts who have the best advice and tons of experience to share!

Covering everything from Coronavirus…to how to get to sleep easier…

From dealing with their worries…to the importance of eating healthy and exercise…

From building self-confidence…to bullying…

Basically, Everything and Anything that is on their mind or impacts on their health and happiness!

Buster and Buddy question the guests from the kids’ perspective; asking the kinds of questions that kids want to know, with helpful takeaway ‘Tools’ they can use in their everyday lives.

…AND there’s plenty of other fun stuff too like Tickle Your Funny Bone, Wellness Challenges, Competitions…and Super Kids! where we celebrate super kids doing super things with a fantastic secret surprise planned for them…

…AND we have our MIND YOUR HEAD! segment which is all about minding your head, as in looking after your head…you know, minding your Mental Health! We chat with people who have done amazing things in their lives or have fantastic stories to tell, about what they do to feel well and happy. 

This is a podcast specially for kids, so whatever is on their minds, the team want to hear as the kids record and send in their opinions, questions, stories to be included and featured in every episode!

More About Us

Collectively the team behind The Kids Are All Right! has over 50 years’ experience working with kids!

We are incredibly passionate that The Kids Are All Right! is a powerfully positive podcast which not only informs and encourages, but inspires and motivates physical and mental health and well-being in kids by creating a supportive and unique Audio-Community where kids feel heard and supported to take real actions to mind themselves and others.

We encourage parents to listen to The Kids Are All Right! podcast with their kids in the car as a handy conversation starter and so they too can pick up valuable advice to support their kids build a happy and healthy life and develop a resilient mindset to negotiate their way through the unavoidable bumps in the road.

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